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Every month members will be asked to set out their goals for the next month and these will be followed up during the month and at the start of the following month when the next goals will be set.
There will be brainstorming sessions every week and a number of mastermind groups each month.
At each mastermind (1.5 hours), 2 ladies will be in the spotlight for 30 minutes each to discuss their particular business issue and get feedback from the other ladies (up to 6 others) at the mastermind session.  They might want to discuss general matters, a particular hurdle blocking their path to success or to celebrate something that has happened in their business.

Training sessions will be held monthly.  The training requirements will be discussed during some of the brainstorming sessions.

Each lady will have the option of being linked up with a ‘business buddy’ for the month.  These ladies will keep each other accountable and on track with their businesses.

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