The Benefits of a Spotlight at a Business Mastermind Session

The benefits of a spotlight at a business mastermind session

Last week in Step Up to Success, an online business mentoring and support programme, it was my turn to take the spotlight in the business mastermind session. Thirty minutes just to talk about my business Let ME Writewith several other like-minded women business owners who were prepared to help me tackle one of my current business issues. In the lead up to the session, it was hard to decide what to bring to the meeting but eventually I settled on doing a bit of market research.

Market research is tricky

Author and former business executive Seth Godin said: ‘Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers’ and that’s very sound advice. You might create a great product or service, but you won’t be successful if nobody is interested in buying it. With that in mind, I decided to test one of my copywriting programmes with the mastermind audience to find out more about what they think they need when it comes to content and copywriting for their business.

What I learned during the business mastermind session 

  • There is no substitute for real life deep dive questions

When you start out in business, it’s easy to make a lot of assumptions about what your customers might want from your products or services. However, if you don’t test your theories and bring your product or service to market without checking if it’s really what your consumer needs, then you are much more likely to incur costs which you cannot recoup through sales. By doing focus groups, or in this case, a spotlight during a business mastermind session, it is possible to get very targeted and valuable feedback about what you are offering.

  • I need to adjust my Signature offer

With the opportunity to explain in detail my signature programme, it was really helpful to talk through have fine detail of what I do when I help clients with their content writing and to discuss the price of my service as well. Feedback was that although the content of the course looks great, I could consider creating another package which would suit those with a smaller budget or newly in business.

  • I could consider another premium offer

We then went on to discuss other options for packaging up my content and copywriting services., From this discussion, I am considering developing a brand messaging package which would cover a range of common pieces of writing that all businesses need for marketing and awareness. After the spotlight session, I was able to continue to gather feedback via the group mastermind closed Facebook group. This has been extremely useful in helping me to develop a potential new service.

  • Spotlight sessions focus the mind

Spotlight sessions are generally quite short, perhaps 30 to 60 minutes which means that you need to get really focused to achieve maximum benefit. When you don’t have time to waste, everybody in the room is less likely to waste time.

  • Everyone benefits

Whether you are in the spotlight or a participant in the business mastermind session, everyone can take something away from this session . Even though we were talking about my business, much of what was discussed it was also applicable to everybody else in the room.

Summary of the benefits of a Spotlight session

  • Like-minded individuals giving honest opinions
  • Gain clarity on how real customers view your products and services
  • Exposure to business people who may think differently from you
  • Bring issues to the group for help brainstorming solutions.
  • Increased motivation and creativity to achieve more.


Step Up to Success for female business owners provides spotlight session as just one of the many business benefits of an online community for entrepreneurs. At only £24/m, it’s a great investment in your business’ future.


Contact Step Up to Success leader Debbie Diggle here and check out some of the customer success stories.

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