How Step Up to Success supports women in business

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How Step Up to Success supports women in business

Step Up To Success is a women’s business mastermind group that focuses on supporting small business owners to achieve their targets for greater success.

The group comprises a number of business owners who represent a wide range of industries including an independent board game designer, a canine massage therapist, a photographer, a copywriter and a social media specialist who have agreed to share their experiences from the group.

Amana Ahmad, Social Factor HQ, Social Media Specialist

The best thing about Step Up to Success is having a supportive network. As a solo entrepreneur, it can be hard to explore ideas because you don’t have a team around you. Step Up’s mastermind allows you to bounce ideas off other people and get their opinions on issues based on their prior experiences which works very well. The second thing that’s great is the goal setting and being accountable to someone else. When you tell someone your goals, it makes them much more real and you are more likely to work on the goals when you know someone is holding you accountable at the end of the month.

Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni, NUX Photography

Sometimes in my business, I need a good nudge and a bit of help from my friends to stay on track. The Step Up group meets several times a week but you can attend when you like – no obligation to come every time. It’s a safe space to come and discuss business problems that perhaps aren’t easy to talk about. Sometimes I can also help people too which is a great feeling. Step Up is a group that will catch you when you fall.

Ellie Dix, The Dark Imp, Board Game Designer

When you are busy in business trying to get through your task list, you don’t always have time to reflect on whether you are doing things in the right way or what the next thing is you need to do. Step Up has given me a space to step back and reflect on where I am going, think about what I am doing. It’s a brilliant place to discuss those niggly little things that you’ve pushed to the back of your mind. It’s a really safe space where you can talk to other business owners and really get their honest opinion. The masterminds, in particular, are great because you can have everybody’s eyes and ears on your specific business problem – having that time to get other’s views is so valuable. Finally, the accountability buddy is also great as someone to check in with who can keep you on track.

Karen Young, Safe Hands Clinical Canine Massage

It’s unique in a way, because it’s honest businesswomen being super honest about where they need help. As small business owners, there will always be areas that need support because we are all solo entrepreneurs trying to do everything you need to do to run a business. Step Up to Success has help me to prioritise and realise I can’t do it all myself. I’m also more focused on the bigger picture of what’s important rather than the day-to-day tasks. The group has been a useful space for reflection and to understand that other people are having the same or very similar issues. I’d recommend it to anyone because you can be as involved as much as you like and if you can’t make it, you can catchup online. It feels like an exclusive club where people are individuals and they aren’t just bringing their business persona and it’s not a bad thing to express your individuality through your business.

Michelle Eshkeri, Let Me Write, Copywriter and Author

Step Up business support group run by Debbie Diggle offers several sessions a month including brainstorming common business topics or issues to problem solve or generate ideas. We also have Masterminds which are an opportunity for each member to be in the hotseat and bring a particular problem to the group for them to make suggestions for solutions. Training and workshops are also provided each month to help us improve our business skills. Step Up To Success is a great way to get accountability for greater business success.

Step Up To Success is an Investment

Step Up to Success isn’t seen as a cost for these women business owners, it’s seen as an investment in their business’ future. At only £29/m, it’s a small price to pay for huge benefits.

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