Facebook group vs Facebook page for small businesses

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Facebook group vs Facebook page for small businesses

A question that comes up in my Step Up to Success online business support group quite often is ‘Facebook group vs. Facebook page and what’s the difference?

Many small businesses rely on social media to get clients – after all, it’s free to set up, easy to get started and you don’t need a PhD to work out the technology.

But is it a worthwhile marketing activity?

Let’s face it, when you start out running your own small business, you are probably trying to keep your costs low, so any marketing that comes free of charge looks inviting. However, are you really getting a good return on the time invested?

Facebook group vs Facebook page – which is better?

Firstly, the Facebook page. I’m talking about the business page now, not your personal profile.

Every business should have a Facebook business page. There are just too many people on Facebook for you to ignore it as a potential source of customers.

However, since a change in the Facebook algorithm in 2018, organic reach on business Facebook pages has dipped drastically. This means that your posts are not shown to many of your followers at all, so it can be hard to get any meaningful interaction and engagement on your business page.

That doesn’t mean that the page doesn’t have any value at all though. Imagine you are looking for a financial advisor, for example. Perhaps you meet one at a networking event or maybe you put up a Facebook post asking your community to recommend someone. You are going to go and check them out before contacting them, right? So, off you go to look at their website and social media. You can find a website, but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated since before the Ark was built, so you head over to Facebook to check them out there. But no, they don’t seem to have a profile

Now, what are you thinking? Is this person who doesn’t keep on top of their online presence giving you the right impression of their business?

Even if you don’t actively try to grow your business Facebook page, think of it as your online business card and make sure it doesn’t grow cobwebs – one post a week is enough just to keep it up to date enough not to put off potential clients.

So, what about Facebook groups?

Facebook group vs Facebook page can be a tricky decision for some businesses who are time-poor. Both can suck up a lot of hours to get them working well.

A Facebook group has some distinct advantages over a Facebook page

  • Reach for posts in a Facebook group is higher than for a business Facebook page
  • Build a long-lasting relationship with a loyal community
  • Easier to create relationships as you have direct contact with your group members
  • Groups can be great for nurturing your audience ahead of launch events

But beware!

To establish a thriving, engaged Facebook group takes a lot of effort. You need to be hanging out in the group, probably posting multiple times a day and, crucially, responding to others’ comments. This can be a huge time suck, so be sure you can commit to that before starting up a group. Of course, over time you can have other people join as admins to help you, but it is a time big commitment that many business owners shy away from.

Don’t forget that your group members will only get notified of new content if they regularly engage in your group, so you do have your work cut out to keep your group fresh and beneficial, so members interact regularly.

The conclusion?

  1. Definitely set up a Facebook business page and keep it updated with new content at least once a week.
  2. Think carefully about the time needed to run a Facebook group vs the value you can get. Don’t overcommit yourself.

This blog post was written following one of my recent Step Up to Success brainstorming sessions where members get to help each other in all sorts of business areas by sharing tips, tricks and pitfalls.

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