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June 2021

Small business UK based support group – join our taster session

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Small business in the UK have been hard hit by the global pandemic, particularly limited companies and those who didn’t qualify for any Government financial support. But support takes a variety of forms and it’s not always the finance side of things that prevents us from moving forward.


Let’s face it, when you run your own small business, you need to wear many hats to be successful. It’s not enough to be good at the core activity – the reason you went into business in the first place – you need to be on top of all the other tasks that are vital for growth and success.

And that can be tough, if you don’t know what you don’t know.

Having a like-minded group of business owners to bounce ideas off, to valid assumptions and to pick you up after a tricky week is invaluable.

Step Up To Success is a small business UK based support group that provides a friendly and helpful online forum for business owners to come together and help each other reach their goals and we’d love to help you too.

Join the taster session here

The group is a nurturing space for new and more established business owners alike and any sort of business is welcome. We currently have members representing everything from Excel specialist through to Canine Massage Services – what you do isn’t that important, but how you interact with others is.

Group members are invited to attend several business focused sessions each month, but none are mandatory and you won’t be chased up if you don’t come along – we are not a formal networking group in that sense. Nor will you be expected to introduce new people to the group, although if you know someone you think could benefit, you can certainly tell them about Step Up To Success.

How Small Business in the UK can benefit from this support group

Although we wouldn’t stop anyone overseas from joining the group, we are predominantly focused on discussing issues that affect UK based businesses. The group is aimed at women in business who don’t have the support of a large team and who want to use the group to hold themselves accountable.

The benefits that members receive include

  • accountability from a monthly buddy system and the group in general
  • Mastermind ‘spotlight’ opportunities where you get a chance to bring a particular business issue to the table and get ideas for solutions
  • brainstorming sessions – general discussion on wider business problems such as procrastination, productivity, marketing, finances and so on
  • training workshops aimed at upskilling members in specific business knowledge such as how to close sales, how to write SEO blogs, different ways to use Excel in your business. These sessions are often run by group members for the benefit of others.

Your Step Up to Success monthly meetings

Each month there are 4-5 brainstorming sessions, 2 mastermind sessions and a workshop, all managed using Zoom. Attend as many sessions as you wish according to your availability. Some

sessions are recorded with members permission and may be viewed on replay for those who cannot attend live. A closed Facebook group is used for communicating and sharing information in between sessions and especially for celebrating our successes.

Find out if the Step Up To Success group is right for you

On 23rd June from 10-11am (BST) there will be a taster session for potential new members. Small business UK based entrepreneurs are invited to take part in a mini brainstorming session and a mini Mastermind alongside existing members to experience the power of the group in helping each other to flourish. The taster session costs only £10 which is deducted from your first month’s membership fee when you join the group. The monthly membership fee is kept affordable so that the benefits are accessible to all including those just starting out in business. For just £24 a month, you can attend all 7 sessions if you wish – getting huge value to move your business forward for a very small investment.

How have current members benefited so far

The current cohort of members have already achieved many of their planned goals for 2021 in just the first 5 months. Some have increased their sales, some have implemented new systems and processes to make efficiency savings and all of them talk about the emotional impact of having small business support which enables them to flourish and meet their business aspirations.

How do you sign up?

You can join Step Up to Success taster session by completing a simple form. We are friendly but if you like, why not bring a friend along too.

Why not check out some of our success stories to see for yourself the difference this group is making to our members and read our recent blog about the benefits to group members.

If you’d like to chat to me to find out more, please email me at or ring me on 07733 076775.

Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.