Building and running a successful business isn’t always as smooth a run as we might like,
which is why you may like to know about a feet-on-the-ground business growth group offering:

Active Support

Expert Input

Focused Inspiration

Realistic Goal Setting

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Is it just me, or are most small business owners like ducks? We look calm on the outside, but we’re paddling like mad under the water.. and not really getting anywhere? That was certainly me before I joined ‘Step Up To Success’.

Step Up has allowed me to take time out of my busy schedule to think about my business, the direction I want to go, and the specific steps I need to get results. I’m able to learn, ask silly questions, bounce ideas around, and get actionable advice from Debbie and other business owners in the group. We’re blunt, we’re honest, and we’re supportive. We want the group to thrive.

I’ve seen progress, not only in my own business, but also with every member of the group. Several have even said they can’t take on any more work at the moment!

Samantha Pilling. Bite Me Marketing.

Step up to success has been brilliant in so many different ways, it's not just the support of like minded ladies, its also the knowledge that it isn't just you. Step up draws attention to the difficult areas that you know you are struggling with, and parts of your business that you know you should be paying attention too. ...and not. When what you have actually been doing is tucking them away somewhere, and hoping they disappear. Step up gives you the knowledge and confidence to tackle them. It is like having help to lift that weight off your shoulders.
Finally an equally important part of Step Up is, you find yourself in a position to help someone else, which is not just rewarding it is also confidence building.
Step up leaves you with fresh confidence, energy and enthusiasm....

Thank you Debbie.

Cecilia Heley

We are over half way now on the Step Up To Success courses run by Debbie which continues to be invaluable.

The size of the group is just right allowing time for each individual to air any concerns they may have .

We explore ideas and offer solutions as a group under the expert guidance and full support of Debbie.

Setting monthly goals really enables you to focus on all the tasks ahead and I believe encourages you to be accountable and deliver.

Personally I have really enjoyed the sessions and look forward to the ones to come. The ladies within our group are an absolute delight and are all there for one another.

I can fully recommend this to anyone who is running a business. In my particular case I had come to a crossroads and wasn't sure how to progress but taking part has given me my way forward.

So a huge thank you Debbie!!

Pat Pearce Stellar Flowers

We all think our issues are unique to our businesses but Step Up to Success has taught me that we all face similar obstacles but by coming together and honestly discussing our businesses we can overcome them. Since joining Step Up to Success my business has gone from strength to strength thanks to the support and advice from Debbie and the Group.

For the first time in a long time I feel I am in charge of my Business's future.

Libby Carter, Graphic icing

I highly recommend the Step up to Success 6 month programme to any businesswoman who would like to take their business up to the next notch.
In my area of work, I had often felt quite isolated despite dealing with clients. The Step up to Business meetings lead by Debbie Diggle are a delight to be a part of. You are able to talk openly in a safe haven to the other businesswomen, who understand when you are struggling with a particular issue. Someone is always able to offer useful advice and get you looking at things from a different angle, so that you always leave a meeting feeling positive and energised.
Since joining the Step up to Success programme, I have developed some good connections which I believe will lead to long and fruitful relationships. The beauty of the meetings are not only about increasing your client base but about conversing with likeminded specialists who have skills and talents which will help you grow as an individual and as a company.
The monthly meetings are very well worth your time commitment and financial investment. Debbie is such an honest person who really cares about helping others grow in their businesses. Thank you so much Debbie for helping me boost my business and improve my life.